Genode OS Framework release 10.11 Nov 30, 2010

With version 10.11, Genode has become able to run network drivers of the gPXE project, employ user-level on-demand paging, and use advanced graphics with the nitpicker GUI server.

With the recently published Live CD, the Genode project has reached a new stage by integrating advanced device drivers, complex protocol stacks, and real-world applications into one dynamic setup. The new Genode release 10.11 bears fruit of the intensive effort that went into this important milestone. There are improvements and functional additions all over the code base. To highlight a few, we enhanced the Nitpicker GUI server to support alpha blending, added an execution environment for running network drivers of the gPXE project, completed the implementation of Genode's concept for user-level page-fault handling, and further advanced the integration of the paravirtualized Linux kernel with Genode's native interfaces for networking, block-device access, graphics, and audio.

Furthermore, the release comes with a number of new components such as a virtual network bridge and a http-based block server, which can be combined with the existing components to open up new use cases of the framework.

Please enjoy the full description of all the improvements that come with version 10.11.