Genode OS Framework release 24.02 Feb 29, 2024

Version 24.02 revisits Genode's audio support for latency-sensitive scenarios, flexible sample rates, and pluggable drivers. It also introduces the new ability of the Goa SDK to use Sculpt OS as remote test target, comes with a new TCP/IP stack based on Linux 6.1.20, makes drivers aware of suspend/resume, and improves HID event handling.

Genode 24.02 kicks off the year with a profound redesign of the framework's audio infrastructure, addressing the routing and mixing of multi-channel audio streams at flexible sample rates, the dynamic starting and removal of audio sources and sinks, and latency optimization.

Besides audio, the second infrastructural rework is a new TCP/IP stack based on DDE-Linux 6.1.20. It wraps up our long-year transition from a fairly fragmented landscape of ported driver code to the consistent use of our modern Linux device-driver environment across all Linux-based drivers and protocol stacks.

The feature highlight of the release is the new ability of using Sculpt OS as a remote test target for the Goa SDK during application development. Thanks to this new feature, Genode applications can be developed and tested in a quick and uniform way, whether testing directly on a Linux-based development environment, or on a Sculpt PC reachable via a local network, or a PinePhone connected to the same wireless access point.

Further highlights of the release are the versatile handling of human-interface devices including the calibration of motion events, the use of Vivante GPUs by multiple clients, and the driver-related preparatory steps needed for implementing suspend/resume for Sculpt OS.

You can find the changes presented in full detail in the release documentation of version 24.02...

Road Map for 2024 Jan 18, 2024

After intensively concentrating on deeply technical topics below the surface in 2023, we are going to reap user-visible rewards in 2024 by focussing on Sculpt OS usability.

Thanks to the input gathered from our annual road-map discussion on Genode's mailing list, we have updated the project road map for 2024.

Without hesitation, our developer community quickly rallied behind the topic "Sculpt OS usability", desiring to boost the user experience with respect to multi-monitor usage, convenient interactive UIs for common tasks, profound support for touchpads and touchscreens, tearing-free graphics, low-latency audio, casual on-target debugging, and suspend/resume.

The focus on usability notwithstanding, we will steadily continue with the gardening of Genode's driver landscape, fostering the consistent use of drivers ported from up-to-date Linux kernels, clear-cut ACPI support, and making drivers pluggable. In 2024, we will also promote Genode's custom (base-hw) microkernel to become the default kernel for Sculpt OS, which is the culmination of a multi-year effort.

Please find our reflection of the past year and the complete plan for 2024 presented on Genode's official road-map page.