Source code moved to GitHub Jan 17, 2012

GitHub has become the central place for Genode's mainline development.

Moving Genode's code base to the new public GitHub repository represents the final step on our agenda to open up our development process. From now on, the genodelabs/genode repository is where the current development happens:

To follow the development of the master branch, you may like to subscribe to the corresponding Atom Feed.

In addition to having moved the code over to the new repository, our documentation and website underwent several changes. First, the website has been migrated away from the original Plone CMS to an entirely static custom-made CMS that fetches its content from the genodelabs/genode repository. Thereby, most of the web-site content has been incorporated into the repository and will be managed through Git. Second, the Wiki is no more. Its content has been moved to the normal documentation section. By using Git for the documentation, the process of contributing to the documentation is streamlined with the way of how code contributions are handled. The steps of this process are described in the updated how-to-contribute guide.

So far, our experience with using GitHub for hosting the Genode development has been a smooth and overly enjoyable ride. We hope you will appreciate the greatly liberated development process as much as we do.