Sculpt OS 21.03 boots now in 2.5 seconds May 03, 2021

We have released an updated Sculpt 21.03 image featuring several hardware-compatibility tweaks and performance improvements.

Since the official Sculpt OS 21.03 release end of March, we continued our efforts with refining the user experience and broadening hardware compatibility, thanks to the user feedback we received. We have now released an updated system image that includes those refinements as well as several performance optimizations that boost the boot time of Sculpt to less than 2.5 seconds from the first life sign of the kernel to the graphical user interface (measured on a 5-years old Lenovo x250 laptop).

You can get the new version of the system image named sculpt-21-03b at the Sculpt OS download page. It is binary compatible with the original release version. So you can use it as a drop-in-replacement.

For manually reproducing the image, please refer to the corresponding Git branch.