Sculpt as a Community Experience Mar 19, 2019

The fourth stage of Sculpt OS introduces a new federated software provisioning model while giving the user full control over the component deployment via a novel graphical user interface.

With Sculpt CE, we enter the final stage of the evolution of Sculpt OS as envisioned roughly one year ago. Initially geared towards die-hard enthusiasts only, each revision became more and more user friendly. The previous version Sculpt VC already offered a glimpse of Sculpt's unique user interface in the form of an interactive component graph.

The just released Sculpt OS "as a community experience" (CE) combines this tangible notion of component compositions with a completely federated software provisioning model that cuts out middlemen like an app store or a distribution. With Sculpt CE, components can be offered by a federation of independent software providers selectable by the user. The software installation is sandboxed and protected via digital signatures. The integration of components with the rest of the system is completely under control by the user. With the principle of least privilege at the heart of Sculpt's architecture, you - the user - can fearlessly install and run software without the need to ultimately trust the software providers.

Sculpt CE is intended to work in tandem with the new community blog where developers and users exchange experiences and announce new software. The best way to watch how the Sculpt story continues is the RSS feed of

To dive into the new world of Sculpt CE, download Sculpt OS...