Road Map for 2020 Jan 20, 2020

In 2020, we will be concerned about dwarfing the barrier of entry into the Genode world.

Following the last year's leitmotif of "bridging worlds", we turn our attention to the removal of the hurdles faced by aspiring developers and users. During the annual road-map discussion on our mailing list, we identified four tangible approaches towards that goal. First, making Sculpt OS more user friendly. Second, reinforcing trust in Genode by fostering the framework's high quality. Third, making the tooling around Genode a joy to use. And finally, the illustration of Genode's versatility in the form practical use cases.

Besides this overall theme, we plan to continue our commitment to the NXP i.MX SoC family, revisit Genode's low-latency audio support, and extend the cultivation of Ada/SPARK within (and on top of) Genode.

More background information about the new road map and a rough schedule are presented at our official road-map page.