Road Map 2012 Jan 02, 2012

The road map for 2012 envisions the use of Genode as everyday development platform.

The overall theme for Genode in 2012 will be the practical use of our OS technology for carrying out regular development work. We see this as the best way to proof the maturity of the framework. Furthermore, by eating our own dog food, we generate a strong incentive for ourself to address topics that would otherwise be deferred.

For assembling the road map, we introspected ourselves and identified a list of functionalities that we could not live without, ranging from a Unix-like command-line interface, over the support for specific PC hardware, to fancy features such as a tiled window manager.

We plan to publish four releases at our quarterly release cycle. So the list of desired functionalities are spread throughout those releases. However, each release will have a different emphasis.

Version 12.02 will be geared towards the usage scenarios that we are going to present at our next Live CD scheduled for March. For version 12.05 we are planning a major rework of our arsenal of Linux-based device drivers. The release 12.08 will be the tipping point for making the initial switch to Genode by including Intel wireless drivers and a tiled window manager. Towards the end of the year, we will take the opportunity of version 12.11 to optimize the support for our beloved Lenovo Thinkpads and bring additional tools such as emacs to the table.

Review our road-map for more details...