Port of libSDL to Genode Jan 23, 2009

As announced on the Genode mailing list, the popular Simple Directmedia Library is being ported to Genode. A first version of the port and a demo application are already available.

The Simple Directmedia Layer library (libSDL) is a very popular cross-platform media library that provides hardware abstractions for graphics, input devices, and sound. It is often used as back end for games, emulators, and media players. Also the Linux version of Genode relies on the hardware abstractions provided by libSDL.

As announced on the Genode mailing list, libSDL has been ported to Genode. At the current stage, the port supports the video subsystem and the input handling for mouse and keyboard. With libSDL now becoming available for Genode, it becomes much easier to make the wealth of libSDL-based applications available on our platform.

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