NOVA Hypervisor supported on 64-bit x86 machines Jul 27, 2012

NOVA combines microkernel principles with capability-based security and virtualization technology. The updated version complements the existing x86_32 support with a new variant for x86_64.

NOVA is a so-called microhypervisor for the x86 architecture. It combines the principles of microkernels with capability-based security and hardware-assisted virtualization.

Genode supports NOVA as base platform since 2010. But because we used NOVA solely for sporadic research activities and NOVA was lacking a regular release schedule, Genode's platform support received only little attention. This has changed now. NOVA's main developer Udo Steinberg moved from TU Dresden to Intel Labs where he leads the development of NOVA as an Open-Source project. In fact, the code is now being hosted at GitHub. NOVA on GitHub..

This ignited our renewed interest in promoting this platform to a first-level citizen of our framework. The first significant improvement is the recently added 64-bit support of NOVA. We enabled Genode to work with both variants of the kernel - 32 and 64 bit.

We congratulate the NOVA developers to this new model of development and open collaboration and look forward to work closely together!