Google Summer of Code Mar 01, 2017

Genode will participate under the umbrella of the FOSDEM microkernel devroom as mentoring organization in this year's Google Summer of Code program.

Thanks to the initiative of Jakub Jermar and Martin Decky of the HelenOS project, multiple prominent open-source microkernel projects submitted a joint application to this year's Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program under the umbrella of FOSDEM microkernel devroom.

As announced on the umbrella's official GSoC page, the involved projects are HelenOS, Redox, MINIX 3, and Genode. In anticipation of the application, we have largely revisited our list of future technical challenges:

Genode-related topics:

Those topics are meant as inspiration. It goes without saying that we welcome other suggestions. If you are interested to participate in this year's GSoC with a Genode-related topic, the following steps are best way to get started:

Learn the basics about Genode by skimming through the Genode Foundations book, downloading the code, and experimenting with a few simple example scenarios. You will find the steps described in the book.

If this experience leaves a good impression on you, please continue with making yourself known at the Genode mailing list by posting a short introduction of yourself, your primary interests, and possibly a topic that you'd like to engage in. Please don't hesitate to consult the list with any technical questions you might have. Note that the mailing list will be the tool of choice for mentoring you during GSoC. Hence, you should be comfortable in using it. Please keep in mind that friendly and concise written communication is crucial for our project, and will thereby be an important criterion for considering your application.

We thank Google for accepting the microkernel devroom as a mentoring organization this year and look forward to GSoC students engaging with us!