Genode OS Framework release 9.08 Aug 19, 2009

The release 9.08 advances the portability of the operating-system framework to a new level.

We have released the version 9.08 of the Genode OS Framework. The general theme of this release has been refinement. We are particularly happy for having resolved long standing concerns about our locking and signalling implementations. The actual focus of our work during the last three months was the unification of all supported base platforms resulting in many generalizations of former platform-specific code. We managed to bring the code for the Linux version very much in line with the supported L4 platforms, reducing platform-specific source-code complexity and maintenance costs. Feature-wise, the most important news are the port of the dynamic linker from FreeBSD, the added support for thread-local storage, a much improved timer service, and core extensions for running Linux on the OKL4 version of Genode.

Read on about all the changes in the release notes for Genode 9.08...