Genode OS Framework release 22.05 May 31, 2022

The highlights of Genode 22.05 are the new support for WireGuard virtual private networks and a fresh lineup of PC device drivers. Further topics are basic telephony with the PinePhone and dynamic device management on Xilinx Zynq.

Version 22.05 closely adheres the goals as set forth in our roadmap. In particular, the envisioned support of WireGuard VPNs came to fruition in the form of a dedicated VPN component based on the Linux implementation of the WireGuard protocol. Thanks to this component, the network access of Genode systems like Sculpt OS can now be protected using state-of-the-art VPN security.

The second prominent topic is the new lineup of PC device drivers, which had been developed using Genode's novel Linux device-driver environment that allows the reuse of Linux kernel subsystems as individually sandboxed Genode components. The work comprises complex drivers like the wireless LAN stack including Intel's Wifi driver and the latest Intel display driver. The revamped drivers not only bring the modern feature set of the respective Linux 5.14.21 subsystems to Genode, but they also validate the efficiency of the new porting approach.

The vision of a Genode-based smartphone appears as a recurring topic throughout the year, with the current release not being an exception. Three achievements stand out. First, Genode gained the principle ability to issue and receive voice calls with the PinePhone. Second, in anticipation of sophisticated energy-management, the release introduces a Genode-specific custom firmware for the PinePhone's system-control processor. And third, it is accompanied with the second revision of the Genode Platforms document that covers the porting process of Genode to a mobile platform in a tutorial of over 200 pages.

Besides those prominent topics, the release comes with numerous framework improvements, reaching from a forthcoming new PC platform driver, over performance optimizations and usability refinements, to dynamic device management on FPGA-based Xilinx Zynq devices.

Discover these and more topics of the new version in the official release documentation of version 22.05...