Genode OS Framework release 21.05 May 31, 2021

Version 21.05 introduces webcam support, features an encrypted file vault for Sculpt OS, and adds new drivers for the i.MX8 SoC and Pine-A64. Furthermore, it is accompanied with a new tool chain based on GCC 10 and new guidance documentation for driver development.

Device-driver support remains a prominent topic for almost every release. The just released version 21.05 is no exception, touching hardware topics ranging from USB, over I2C on i.MX8, over GPIO on Pine-A64, to networking on RISC-V. Until now, such nitty-gritty driver-development work has been pursued almost exclusively by the core team at Genode Labs. To encourage developers outside the inner circle to join the fun, the release is accompanied with the initial version of a comprehensive guidance documentation for hardware-related topics.

Feature-wise the two highlights of the new version are webcam support and an easy-to-use encrypted file store based on our custom CBE block encrypter. As detailed by the release documentation, both features leverage Genode's architecture in unique ways to attain high flexibility without an inflation of complexity.

The release is rounded up by a new tool chain based on GCC 10 and Binutils 2.36, profound performance optimizations, framework refinements, and new assistive tooling for porting Linux drivers. All the details of the new version are covered by the official release documentation of version 21.05...