Genode OS Framework release 19.08 Aug 28, 2019

Genode 19.08 puts emphasis on practical concerns ranging from keyboard layouts, over system-time management, to remote system administration. It also continues our commitment to the 64-bit ARM i.MX8 SoC, comes with Qt5 version 5.13, and improves POSIX compatibility.

The summer release of Genode addresses a variety of topics when using Genode and Sculpt OS in practice. The confrontation with the real world prompted us to develop new concepts for managing system time, keyboards layouts, and copy-and-paste. For using Sculpt OS on the road, a new application VM for accessing captive portals smoothes the experience of connecting to public WiFi networks.

Besides the practical focus, the new release continues our commitment to the 64-bit ARM i.MX8 platform through new kernel support, device drivers, and test coverage. Further topics include SMBIOS support for commodity PC hardware, a new tracing tool, enhanced POSIX compatibility, and a major update of Qt5 to version 5.13.

The complete picture is presented in the release documentation of version 19.08...