Genode OS Framework release 19.02 Feb 28, 2019

Version 19.02 enhances Sculpt OS with a federated software provisioning model, showcases the use of Java for an IoT network appliance and the creation of a component-based web service, improves the runtime support for Ada and SPARK, and adds board support for i.MX6 Quad Sabrelite and Nitrogen6 SoloX.

Our first release of 2019 pays tribute to this year's road map topic of making Genode relevant and attractive for a broader community.

First, it enhances Sculpt OS with an easy-to-use way to discover, install, and integrate software originating from different providers into a running Sculpt system. Conversely, software providers get a distribution channel directly to the user, secured by cryptographic signatures. Unlike commodity OSes that rely on app stores or distributions, there is no middleman between software providers and users in Sculpt OS.

Second, it makes the world's most popular programming language - Java - available. Our port of OpenJDK facilitates just-in-time compilation on both 32-bit ARM and 64-bit x86 architectures. The use of Java within a Genode system is nicely showcased by an exemplary IoT network appliance.

Third, to foster a strong sense of community, the release introduces a Genode-based federated blogging platform, which enables users and developers alike to share ideas, practical tips and tricks, and announcements. is open for everyone to participate.

Other highlights of Genode 19.02 are the improved runtimes for the Ada/SPARK and OCaml programming languages, and the added support for the i.MX6 Quad Sabrelite and Nitrogen6 SoloX boards. For more details, please refer to the release documentation of version 19.02...