Genode OS Framework release 18.05 May 31, 2018

With Genode 18.05, we have reached the second stage of Sculpt OS, empowering the user with the automation of fundamental work flows and a new user interface for storage management and network access. Further highlights include the added support for Java, a new NVMe device driver, enhanced VFS infrastructure, and an updated revision of the Genode Foundations book.

Our Year of Sculpt continues at a rapid pace. The just released version 18.05 of the Genode OS Framework features the second incarnation of the Sculpt general-purpose OS, targeting the group of people who follow our project with curiosity. Sculpt for The Curios (TC) introduces an interactive user interface for fundamental tasks like selecting and managing storage options, or connecting to a network. It completely streamlines the installation and deployment of additional software by leveraging Genode's custom package-management system. The result is an operating system with a flexibility and fun factor that strikes even us with surprise.

The current release contains countless side products of this line work, including the resolution-independent display of text, the dynamic adjustment of user-level network routing, the flexible detection and management of partitions and file systems, and the support of USB storage devices from diverse vendors.

Beyond the immediate scope of Sculpt, the new version features the initial support for the Java language, improves the Ada language support, enhances the VFS infrastructure with new copy-on-write and audit plugins, and improves the support for the NXP i.MX SoCs.

The entire picture is presented in detail by the release documentation of version 18.05...