Genode OS Framework release 18.02 Feb 28, 2018

Genode version 18.02 kicks off the Year of Sculpt by featuring the first revision of the Sculpt operating system for general-purpose computing. Further highlights of the new release range from network-stack improvements, over a new tracing utility, to the experimental use of the Nim programming language.

Since we announced the Year of Sculpt on our roadmap, our team anticipated the release of version 18.02 with excitement. The current release officially presents the first revision of the Sculpt operating system, which is targeted at the use of Genode as day-to-day OS. In fact, the system has been in use internally at Genode Labs for several months. We feel confident in sharing it with a broader community now.

Driven by the demands of Sculpt, the most prominent topics of this release are Genode's new mechanisms for installing, updating, and deploying software from within a running Genode system. Further highlights are the experimental use of the Nim programming language for the implementation of Genode servers, a new tracing utility that makes Genode's existing tracing infrastructure much easier to use, improvements across the entire user-level networking stack, and updates of many 3rd-party software packages.

These and many more topics are covered in detail by the release documentation of version 18.02...