Genode OS Framework release 16.02 Feb 26, 2016

Genode 16.02 introduces the RISC-V hardware architecture to the framework, enables the secure pass-through of USB devices to virtual machines, and updates the Muen separation kernel and the seL4 microkernel.

In contrast to the feature-oriented previous release, the new version focuses on diverse topics around low-level platform support. First, there is the addition of a new hardware architecture. With the addition of RISC-V, we anticipate future trustworthy open-source hardware platforms.

Second, as the major functional addition motivated by Genode's use as day-to-day OS, the new version adds the ability to assign USB devices to virtual machines in a dynamic yet secure way. This clears the way to cover many typical desktop work-flows with a Genode-based system.

With respect to the framework's underlying kernels, we are happy to announce the update of the Muen separation kernel to version 0.7 and the update of the seL4 kernel to version 2.1. The new version of Muen comes with welcome work-flow improvements. In fact, the separation kernel can now be targeted by Genode's automation tools in the same uniform way as all the other base platforms.

An in-depth coverage of these and many more improvements is provided by the release documentation of version 16.02...