Genode OS Framework release 14.05 May 29, 2014

Version 14.05 greatly improves the way 3rd-party software can be combined with the framework, VirtualBox on NOVA received guest-additions support, there is a new block-encryption facility, and our custom base-hw kernel became able to use multiple processors.

Genode-based system scenarios combine the software of up to 70 different open-source projects, which presents the user with the challenge to keep those software ports consistent with the framework. The new version comes with new tools and build-system improvements, which make the porting and use of such 3rd-party software easier than ever and pave the ground to scale Genode-based systems far beyond the current state.

The second focus of the release cycle was the enhancement of the platform support for NOVA on the x86 architecture and for our custom kernel on the ARM architecture. The latter received multi-processor support and a new memory management concept. For NOVA, we enabled the use of real-time priorities and continued our line of work with running VirtualBox on this kernel by adding support for guest additions such as file systems shared between Genode and the guest OS.

Furthermore, we added a new component for block-level encryption based on NetBSD's cryptographic device driver and enabled USB 3.0 on x86-based platforms.

More information about all the changes is provided in our detailed release documentation of version 14.05...