Genode OS Framework release 12.05 May 30, 2012

The highlights of version 12.05 are our new USB stack, added media replay capabilities, new support for dynamic system re-configuration, and the ability to run the GNU tool chain on Genode.

The just released version 12.05 is another corner stone for our plan to shape Genode into a general-purpose OS for the everyday use by its developers. It introduces numerious features that are crucial for this goal, in particular the groundwork for the use of file systems, the ability to execute the GNU tool chain directly on a Genode system, and a way to flexibly adapt the behaviour of operating-system components at runtime.

In addition to working on the functionality outlined above, several of the framework's base platforms have received close attention. We profoundly revisited the platform-specific code for the Fiasco.OC kernel to fully leverage the kernel's capability concept. To facilitate the use of Genode as component framework on Linux, we extended the possibilities to use Linux-specific mechanisms, in particular chroot, in a way that is easy to use and coherent with the framework's architecture.

For the full story behind all the new features and improvements, please refer to the release notes of version 12.05...