Genode OS Framework release 12.02 Feb 28, 2012

Version 12.02 comes with a new API for MMIO access, a new ACPI driver, fork support for the Noux runtime, Qt version 4.7.4, and special support for using Genode as application framework on Linux.

We took the current release cycle as opportunity to carry out our plan to open up our development process. Because carrying out such a fundamental change of our work flows and tools bears many risks, we were curious about the outcome of this undertaking. We can happily report that the transition went actually better than expected. Genode 12.02 is the first version conducted under a completely open development model.

The new version contains the first steps towards the goal of using Genode as general-purpose OS for the daily use by its developers. The Noux runtime environment has been enhanced with support for the fork system call, which enables us to run the bash shell and coreutils natively on various microkernels. A new ACPI driver paves the ground for using the whole feature set of Fiasco.OC and NOVA on recent x86-based hardware platforms. Furthermore, you can find the first bits of a new device-driver manager.

The framework's base API has been enhanced to foster code reuse and robustness. For example, we introduced a new API for accessing memory-mapped I/O resources, which facilitates the use of the C++ type system to simplify device drivers. Another example is the added API support for the common pattern of reusing existing components as sandboxed libraries.

These and many more changes are described in full detail in the release notes of version 12.02...