Genode OS Framework release 10.05 May 27, 2010

The new version 10.05 adds support for mandatory access-control policies, introduces audio playback, and improves the integration of the paravirtualized OKLinux kernel with the framework.

With the current release, we focused on functionality to broaden the application area of the framework. The infrastructure of the framework has advanced to a point that allows running a steadily growing number of typical general-purpose applications directly on Genode. This is best illustrated by the fully functional Arora web browser running as a native Genode process. Still, there are a large number of usage scenarios that rely on Linux applications. For this reason, we further improved the integration of the paravirtualized OKLinux kernel with Genode. The new version adds support for seamlessly integrating the X Window System running on OKLinux with the native nitpicker GUI. For Genode developers, there is a new build system, which significantly improves the build performance on multi-processor systems.

Read on about these and many more improvements detailed in the release notes of version 10.05...