Genode on the L4ka::Pistachio kernel Dec 18, 2008

The new L4ka::Pistachio version of the Genode OS Framework makes the unique features, performance, and stability of the L4::Pistachio kernel available for Genode's software stack.

L4ka::Pistachio is the reference implementation of the L4 API version x.2 (also referred to as version 4). With the port of Genode to L4ka::Pistachio conducted by Julian Stecklina, this kernel has become available as a base platform for Genode. The choice of leveraging the special characteristics of L4ka::Pistachio, the Linux kernel, or L4/Fiasco has become just a matter of recompilation. This way, software written against the Genode API can benefit from the long-year research and development invested into L4ka::Pistachio by the L4ka group at the University of Karlsruhe and the DiSy group at the University of New South Wales. We have made the L4ka::Pistachio version of Genode available at our public subversion repository. It will become a regular part of Genode with the upcoming release as scheduled for February. The instructions for building and using Genode with the L4ka::Pistachio kernel are provided at our Genode-on-L4ka::Pistachio wiki page.