Genode Live Demonstration 2010-11 Nov 16, 2010

The new Genode Live CD showcases the vast functional progress during the past year in a selection of five demos ranging from native Qt4/Webkit support to hardware-accelerated 3D graphics.

Since the release of the previous Genode Live CD in September 2009, we focused our development work on supporting native Qt4/Webkit applications, user-level Linux, sound support, Mesa/Gallium3D, block drivers, and a networking stack. Furthermore, we paid special attention to tightly integrate existing software with native Genode features. Two prominent examples are the seamless integration of a virtualized Linux desktop and the support for running complete Genode subsystems as plugin in the Arora web browser. In response to several requests to complement our regular source-code releases with a new bootable live CD, we have now published a new version.

You can now test drive the current version of Genode on your PC (or virtual machine) to get an idea about where the development of the framework is heading.

Download the new live CD featuring five setups showcasing our efforts of the past year.