Genode Live Demonstration 2009-09 Sep 02, 2009

The latest release of the ready-to-boot Live CD image is available.

The Live CD features the graphical demonstration of the Genode architecture, known from the last Live CD. But this time it doesn't run on L4/Fiasco only. It also can be started on top of the L4 microkernels OKL4 and Pistachio. Moreover, it features QT4 application support and a para-virtualized Linux version running on top of Genode. The Live CD runs directly on PC hardware and has been tested on Qemu/KVM and VirtualBox.

Edit: We have further improved the performance of the L4/Fiasco and L4ka::Pistachio demos, and refined the presentation of the Qt4 demo.

Download the updated Live-CD image...