Dual licensing of 3rd-party Genode components Nov 16, 2018

To nurture a sustainable ecosystem around the Genode OS framework, we introduce a new approach for conducting dual-licensing businesses enabled by Genode.

Since founded ten years ago, Genode Labs pursues the Genode project based on a dual-licensing business model, which allows us to fund the development of Genode as an independent team. The licensing business is enabled by the combination of the AGPLv3 as a strong copyleft license with the library-like nature of Genode. Until today, this model is applicable to our framework but impractical for 3rd-party component developers. To foster a sustainable ecosystem around Genode, we wish to enable others to pursue a similar business model while maintaining the spirit of open collaboration and free software.

We eventually crafted a new license called "Genode Component Public License" (Genode CPL) specifically for components developed by 3rd parties, outside of Genode Labs. The article Dual licensing of 3rd-party Genode components provides the rationale, license text, and FAQ of this software license.