Android on top of Genode Sep 27, 2011

With the new support for L4Android, the Android software stack can be used as Genode sub system.

As of today, Google's Android OS is apparently one of the hottest topics in the world of smartphones and tablets. Among the users of Genode, we recognise a general interest in combining the framework with the Android platform. With <a class="external-link" href="">L4Android</a> there already exists a special variant of the L4Linux kernel that is able execute the Android software stack on top of the Fiasco.OC kernel.

Our port of L4Linux to Genode in May has shown that L4Linux works well with Genode. Since L4Android is derived from L4Linux, we were confident that we could adapt L4LAndroid to Genode in a similar way. We are happy to report that this feature has now become available at our subversion repository. With the new support of L4Android on Genode, Android can be used on Genode on the Fiasco.OC kernel on the IA32 architecture. For those of you who are eager to experiment with L4Android on Genode, please find further information at the top-level README file of the ports-foc repository and share your results with us at the Genode mailing list.