Adaptation to Codezero kernel v0.3 Apr 06, 2010

The just released version 0.3 of the Codezero kernel adds support for the latest ARMv7 CPUs. The Genode OS Framework is now ready to be used with this new kernel version.

Since version 10.02, the Genode OS Framework officially supports the version 0.2 of the Codezero microkernel developed by B-Labs. The road map of this kernel promised support for the latest ARM CPU cores. With the just released version 0.3, which added support for ARMv7 CPU cores, the project lives up to this promise. In addition to the extended CPU support, the new release adds important functionality regarding device I/O, which prompted us to adapt Genode to the new version. The adaptation to Codezero version 0.3 is now available at our Subversion repository. To facilitate the use of Genode with Codezero, we created a dedicated Wiki page, which provides up-to-date documentation about building and using Genode on this kernel.

Thanks to the Codezero developers for being extremely responsive to our questions and feature requests!

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