Latest Release

The source-code of the Genode OS Framework is available at GitHub and Sourceforge.

Release notes summary for the version 24.05

  • Sculpt OS running on Genode's custom microkernel

  • Fine-grained and dynamic assignment of USB devices/interfaces

  • On-target debugging on Sculpt OS using GDB

  • Suspend/resume for PC platforms

  • Completed transition to new audio interfaces

  • Intel graphics enabled for high-resolution displays

  • Mesa updated to version 24.0.1

  • Improved VirtualBox network throughput

  • USB pass-through to the Seoul VMM

  • Revisited storage-encryption infrastructure

  • Goa SDK updated for Sculpt OS 24.04

  • Annual update of the "Genode Foundations" book

Read the complete release notes for the version 24.05 in the documentation section...