Genode developer resources

The developer resources provide information for your hands-on introduction to Genode.

How to start exploring Genode

guides you through the source code and sheds light on the build system. During the tutorial, the Genode demo scenario runs on Linux.

Walking through the Genode demo scenario

gives detailed information about the demo and Genode's specific features.

Build system manual

explains the concepts behind Genode's build system, provides guidance with creating custom programs and libraries, and covers the tool support for the automated integration and testing of application scenarios.

Package management

introduces Genode's custom approach and tools for the packaging and publishing of reusable components.

Creating your first client-server scenario

describes the steps for creating and executing a system scenario of two components interacting via a custom inter-component RPC interface.

Configuration of the init component

describes Genode's configuration concept, the routing of service requests, and the expression of mandatory access-control policies.

Porting existing software to Genode

provides step-by-step guidance for porting existing libraries, applications, and device drivers to Genode.

Conventions for the Genode development

outlines our conventions for naming files, naming services, and writing documentation.

Coding style guidelines

specifies the rules for a consistent coding style for Genode.