Latest Release

The source-code of the Genode OS Framework is available at GitHub and Sourceforge.

Release notes summary for the version 16.02

  • Assignment of USB devices to virtual machines

  • New support for the RISC-V CPU architecture

  • GUI stack usability improvements

  • Device drivers

    • Reconfigurable USB host-controller driver

    • Custom USB mass-storage driver

    • Improved audio output on Linux

  • Libraries and applications

    • New "Genode world" repository for 3rd-party software

    • Updated lynx, OpenSSH, tar, libssh, lighttpd

  • Platforms

    • Enhanced SMP and cache support for base-hw

    • Muen SK version 0.7 with MSI support

    • seL4 version 2.1

Read the complete release notes for the version 16.02 in the documentation section...