Latest Release

The source-code of the Genode OS Framework is available at GitHub and Sourceforge.

Release notes summary for the version 16.08

  • Base platforms

    • Interactive and dynamic workloads on top of the seL4 kernel

    • Binary compatibility across all supported kernels

    • Xilinx Zynq board support for Parallela, Zedboard, ZC706, ZC702

  • Networking

    • Virtual networking (routing, NAT)

    • New TOR component

    • ROM sessions in a network-distributed Genode system

  • Virtualization

    • VirtualBox 4 on top of the Muen separation kernel

    • Experimental version of VirtualBox 5 for NOVA

  • Libraries and components

    • Improved ACPI integration

    • Growing library of "shim" services such as a framebuffer scaler, an input remapper, a ROM fallback service, and a LOG duplicator

    • Ported 3rd-party software such as diffutils, less, mbed TLS, libxml2, RISC-V front-end server

    • New file-downloading component

  • Statistical profiling

Read the complete release notes for the version 16.08 in the documentation section...