Latest Release

The source-code of the Genode OS Framework is available at the Sourceforge

download page.

Release notes summary for the version 15.08

  • Genode on top of the Muen separation kernel

  • Genode/NOVA used as day-to-day operating system

  • Kernel-resource management on NOVA and our custom base-hw kernel

  • Base framework and low-level OS infrastructure

    • Improved audio support

    • Unified networking components

    • Enhanced tracing and file-system facilities

    • Low-complexity software rendering

  • Device drivers

    • Raspberry Pi and Odroid-X2 on Fiasco.OC, including USB support

    • BCM57cxx network cards

  • VirtualBox

    • Guest-host integration (policy-based mouse shapes, dynamic adaptation to screen size changes, audio)

    • Multi-processor support

Read the complete release notes for the version 15.08 in the documentation section...